what a weekend.the thought of
the 300 mile journey was not my best thoughts I confess. but calling into my sons after the first 90 miles helped to break the journey. we arrived after lunch on Friday and met up with other early arrivals.
We all met up for an evening meal which was very nice.
Saturday was a bit more hectic. I nice spread and more food. Meeting old and new faces. After a hearty breakfast on Sunday it was off again to my sons. after almost 200 miles we arrived. Tired out.
After a roast beef dinner we relaxed watching telly. Then it was Hoff to bed to catch up. This morning we set off at 10 am and arrived home about 1:3″0 ish.
Now its put all my bits on charge. My news tablet gave move problems it connected with free with fi in the hotel but not my 3g. But since I have been home ive sorted it and its working OK. Mavis has done the washing .So things are settling back.
Any spelling cockups here are down to my practising on the tablet so please bear with me things will improve


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