Out early to Vets its Louis jabs. He was so upset  as we reached the vets door he pulled backwards and got out of his harness. Panic. The high street was busy with traffic. If he had run  he would have been under a car or worse. he sits in  the waiting room in total panic.  Out came the Vet  Louis he called . Good morning mr grumpy he said. Just pop him on the scales. Hmm! he has put  on 2 KG since last year . Right pop him on the  table. Should I  muzzle him. Yes  just  to be on the safe side. But Louis let him do it no fuss. Then he got  all the  little phials of drugs  out and laid them on the table 7 in total. He will be like a pin cushion   and laughed. But  Louis was fine.

I ordered a new tyre pump from ebay   which arrived this morning. But after less than 5 minutes and only producing 10psi increase it died on me. I am waiting a response from seller. Cant believe it . I got the heavy duty model . It started with a healthy  chug chug and quickly  turned into  2 or 3 phut phut phuts before falling silent.  I don’t seem to have a lot of luck with pumps. My last one is only a couple of months old and used twice. its a double barrel from Halfords. But even  standing on it it hardly moves. useless. the one before that just caught fire. Hey Ho. Here we go.


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