A bit of a shaky day today.  I took Louis for his second walk  and we walked up the lane aways but Louis was uneasy  he kept stopping and looking back. Soon  round the bend I could see why. A group of  lads ,about  a dozen were not far behind us. So I thought these are the immigrant farm workers , I crossed over the road and headed  back . But they crossed over as well. Now I thought that was odd. But I kept a tight lead on Louis and crossed over the road again out of their way. And as we passed they were stareing at us. Most un nerving it was only the last one as he passed by made an attempt to  speak. I nodded a good morning back and they continued on there way. They all had napsaks on their backs so I  suspect they are the new groups  coming in . We have quite a lot of them here.

Anyway  a quiet day, no parliament or London trips a restyfull day I think. Mavis has been hard at work corolating all her info./


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