No post yesterday. i was sorting my PC after the virus attack . Then mavis had problems I had to work on that. But this morning she still had problems. Nothing  loaded. just a blank screen like early yesterday. So  I said sod it we will go to PC world and get a new computer for you after breakfast. OK. But you know that feeling  you get Hmm! I thought I should try her monitor on my PC just in case we get a new Toower unit  and it still dont work. So  disconecting all the cables like you do. I  tried hers on mine Nope its not working. Wow now thats a surprise. It looks like the monitor. But she said it worked up  till I went to bed last night. So now i am thinking maybe the computer is ok afterall. So I  hook it up to my monitor.  get a message that  there problems and it cant load. I thought Oh well this is probably because I loaded the recovery disk  earlier and Ive probably  finished it off. It  was flashing on and off  then came  do you want to repair the errors found. YES YES. a few minutes later  she had a working PC but no monitor. So a trip  to pc world afterall. back home with a nice shinny new monitor all wired up and plugged in and Mavis is a happy bunny now. Its bigger than her old one even bigger than mine. When you think that  she turns off the pc  every night but never turns the monitor off I am not surprised. It  has been on 24/7 for about 5 years not surprised its done in poor thing.


moon1After a walk  with louis I spied the moon shining above the clouds. Amazing as its 3 pm not 3 am.


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