Hello. Good to be home again. No blogs while I was away. I always seem to have problems. A typical  instance was like Saturday We were told it was the last day to book Newbury Show. So panic. No problems I said we can do it on the Laptop  here.  1 Mavis didnt have her  little book of passwords with her so we couldn’t use her usual link. No worries Jim said do it  on outandabout live. First problem after getting  on web page and finally getting to  the last stage Laptop died. Flat battery. OK  inert spare go through   all again get up to  inserting card detail  Wi Fi dongle died flat battery. I dont believe it insert  spare . Start all over again. insert card details . It wont accept them. Shut  it off in temper. Ok  try again. start from scratch   put  my card details in press buy now. Nothing happens it just sits there blinking. after leaving it on table for  5 mins . Recheck still not gone through. Pressed back button  WOW all disappeared up comes You tube adverts. By now I am on verge of heart attack. Forget it Mavis said. So   later we set off to see the show. UK Beach Boys and saturday BGs. When we got  back after the show I said I will try one more time. God knows what nightmare  followed  but all my attempts failed It was now almost  1 am in the morning we are tired Mavis got the hump with me. Now i tried one more time this morning I got through straight away. What did I get. Sorry Bookings for this event are now closed.

Well that was only one incident that went wrong. PC and tablets we have had enough . Its good to get home on proper PC. I did manage to buy  an item on ebay  Saturday evening so it was not ALL BAD.

Now we are catching up on the usual blogs puzzles and washing walking louis .

I expect your bored now with my problems so untill tomorrow. TTFN


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