Nice and Bright ,sunny and warm.

Over the past year I have collected spare PSU`s,  leads  and carier bags full of wire all left overs. I thought today would be a good day to have a small sort out. I filled 2 carrier bags of plugs cables and PSU`s sitting waiting for the day I need one. So in the bin they have gopne. I found 2 PC 17 inch Screens. In the Bin gone. This is only the tip of the iceburg. Lots more to sort and dump. Whilst sorting into piles of Keep and Dump I found myself saying keep that and no keep that. So my dump pile was very small the keep pile got bigger. So I  thought  silly billy. Scoop it all into one ple and dump it.

Next  Ive cut the grass. its now 1.30 and  I am still  waiting for my package in the post..

Ive got loads of things on charge ready for the weekend . Lois been on 2 walks already . Lucky boy. Now I am  cream crackered.


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