Its been a quiet day, Louis had his walks even mavis took him for a short trot. been catching up with bits on my pc and web pages.

Tomorrow we are off  late afternoon for another camping weekend.

You wont believe it but another phone call to chemist this morning. OK Wednesday you said  it will be with you tomorrow(Thursday) but its Friday  so where are they. Oh so sorry we had driver problems yesterday but  they will be with you today. Eventually they  got here. If they were heart pills waiting 2 weeks for them I could be dead now.

Watched another load of Britons got talent. Still waiting?


Another cock-up with my pills Its 2 weeks since I submitted my request. First  they didn’t know what happened  but will look into it. They didnt that was a week ago. Late yesterday after me chasing them up again  they said  they made it urgent and they will be here . But  what do you think. I opened the little bag and out of 6 items I got only 3. More phone calls they are out of stock,but will be here tomorrow.

I give up.

If any of you have been reading Mavis`s Take a break  article on my web page. You will see I have completely  updated it. It was a rush job before  and I wasnt happy  with the blocky  cut and paste bits. Now its on a full-page on its own.

Also  some good news for those that do my daily Puzzle. It will soon be available on your Iphad or phone. But  not  on other tablets any time soon. As soon as I  get confirmation I will  let you know.

We had fun this afternoon Mavis decided that her new washing M/C needed draining to clean the filter. I was in here when I heard some loud expletives coming from the kitchen when I dashed out to see what was up the floor was flooded. She had pulled the large drain plug and water shot everywhere. The hand book says to pull out a little hose first but  it does not  come out. A trip to curry me thinks.



Another wet day.

We don’t know what  was wrong yesterday but we couldn’t sleep. I think it was way past 2 am before I  dropped off and I was up at 4 am. Mavis said she was the same. i am tired today. I had a couple of jobs to do in the camper. Thats sorted now.

Ive had one of those worrying emails . It says it’s from Pay Pal and that my account has been restricted that my purchasing power has been reduced. I  read the full header and it just  didn’t feel right. Pay pal  has a security site  so I fwd it to security as Phishing Scam. There is no need to restrict my spending I am a good customer and all payments are taken automatically so it’s not  money.

I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for my prescription. SEveral phone calls over the past week resulted  in another  one this morning WHERE IS MY PRESCRIPTION I asked. Not a very convincing response but a promise it will be here today. It’s now 10 to 5 and a little bag has just arrived. I ordered 6 items and got 3. Back on the phone even more  upset. Now I am told out of stock and will get  balance tomorrow. You just cant get the staff anymore.


Another Good weekend away. Hole Park Rolvenden. This one was a bit quieter than last week and a mite cooler. But  it only rained at night ,so the days were bright. It was not our usual group as we were guests of  ELDA. We enjoyed it. We walked down through the park with louis to have a look round. Each time a car passed us we had to step on the grass through the estate. But one car  we saw coming towards us  was a big silver 4×4 . We stepped on the grass to let it pass. Lo and behold it stopped . He wound down the window and with a cheery wave said good morning.  Good morning we replied. After commenting on what a lovely morning it was he asked are you going to see the gardens. Yes but not until later we said.  have you seen the house. No not yet we said. We hear it’s a nice house. We asked had he been in it. Yes  I have he said I Own it I live there. Wow!  So mavis s said ah! so why don’t you open all summer. He said we need the rest. He said  his wife does the cooking  in the coach house and they all mucked in to help run the place. You must try our  cream teas he said . And with another cheery wave he said Must be off Good bye ,Please enjoy your stay. Now how nice was that.

We were not the only  group camping  there. 2 other groups occupied 2 other fields. All very pleasant.

I’ve managed to  do a puzzle each day while away. I set up the new TV in the van, we were well pleased with it. I tried the satellite again  just to check it. Because last time it made some funny noised and didn’t work. But  I switched it on ,burr burr whir whiz and up come a station so it isn’t broke after all. But  the new status uses less battery power so  where we can we will use it first.

My phone has played up again. Flat battery  Saturday. Recharged it overnite Flat again Monday even though I didn’t use it. So  after much deliberation over the past week and a few hours  searching  ebay  and from a list of 9 phones I  spent a couple of hours reading the spec and eliminating them one by one. Untill I got it down to 2. one 5 inch and one 4 inch price wise only 8 pound in it. My dilemma was do I really need a 5 inch phone. I decided with my tablet  Not really so I settled for the 4 inch that’s only half-inch bigger than my iPhone. I had no intention of  getting another Iphone. I think the price is so  hyped. At the end of the day as long as I  can phone out receive calls and the battery  lasts that s what I needed so I have saved my self several hundreds of  pounds of ego by not going down the apple road I can by 10 phones for the price of an apple.

Mavis has enjoyed herself again away. She has already planned next weeks trip bless her. Our son and DIL. Came visiting on Saturday  we drove into town to  find a nice restaurants . But being a village we were  to late for one serving and too early for the other so  it was in the supermarket . Take it back and cook it in the van.

I got a full refund for the  faulty  sleeping bag and he paid return postage how was that for a result.

Thats about it for today


A mixed day.we took a short walk to look at the hole park house but Mavis couldn’t make it. If its a better day tomorrow we may try again.but later our son a Nicky came. We went out in the car to get a pub meal. But no joy we ended up in sermarket and bringing it back to the van. Its always good to see them.
It’s been wet most of the day a bit of sun not much


We arrived on site just

t about lunchtime. It’s bright but not over warm.I am so pleased
The new TV works .after turning it on to see the picture was great.
Not sure what is on yet .


Voting  day later on. Van insurance arrived  ok for another year. No TV  yet but its only 10 am.

Posting back  the sleeping bag shortly.

Well its now late afternoon. The TV I ordered for my campervan arrived. Gosh its so Light I  thought when I  picked up the box that seriously it  was empty. But no  everything was in it. tHe tv the remote  the manual the  base the 2 separate cables the 12 v charger. I couldnt believe it.

I have now posted back the sleeping bag, so lets hope he follows through. The man in the post office was none to pleased  with it. WHAT IS IT he asked when he saw me in the queue . A Blanket I said. IS IT HEAVY? No not really. HMM!!! Mumble mumble? But hey Ho its gone now.

We  went up and voted. We were the only ones in there. I said quiet isnt it! It has been busy she said.

Ive also down loaded half a dozen books on my kindle so  I am setup for a while. At least while we are away   I can set up the TV and try out my new Arial . It all better come together after all the fuss lately.

Ive just  come back with louis. He has a bit of a reputation for being unsociable and barking at other dogs. I often say to people, just ignore him dont try  stroking him and he is fine. Well  while out another  dog owner came by her dog was going berserk at louis growling and barking and pulling at his lead doing back flips and roll overs trying to get at him. Louis! Well he just sat down beside me completely  calm and watched. The other  owner  was dragged away and she kept looking back at  louis to see if he was chasing, but nope! he just  sat quietly untill  they were  up the road then we calmly moved off. He told mavis he had been a good boy and he got his doggy choc rewards.

I can see the little green light has just come on my kindle . That meands its now charged ready for the weekend.