Wet and cold today. Ive been working on my onestopmesthelioma  website. I  went   and sat on settee and had a bit of lunch. After which I looked over and saw Mavis was away with the fairies. My eyes were heavy, I thought Oh well 5 mins wont hurt me. I think I woke myself up 3 times snoring. My 5 mins turned into nearl 2 hours.

I cant believe its Friday  tomorrow where do the weeks go. I hate the speed the weeks go now. Gosh  when we were kids a week was ages. The 6 weeks summer  school shut down seemed like months. But then  hot long summer days were the norm. Not like todays weather. Hard to tell  winter from spring or Summer.Just like the country ,gone to the dogs.

Talk about doom and gloom. I was reading  on FB today the human race is doomed to extinction  due to the programed DNA it inherits  decades  after decades of degredation so eventually we will be unable to produce offspring. Ah! Well .


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