Blimey! What a weekend.

Mavis said all she wanted to do was lay in a field in the Sun. Well after an aborted start , we parked up in Park and ride to meet some friends. Only to realise  we had the wrong date. But we made a night of it. e set off early next morning for Sandwich lakes. Where we were greeted with lovely friendly people. We or rather mavis just chilled out all day Saturday and Sunday. She is burnt to a crisp but happy.

 It wasnt all good news. On arrival after unpacking and setting up. I turnrd the TV on to tune it in up came the screen. I pressed Digital TV the screen went blank………………….. The bloody thing stayed blank all weekend. I took the back off to  see if I could see any obvious  faults. But nothing was evident. So  Sunday it got  removed and dumped in the Skip. I was so looking forward to  useing the new Status arial  . But good ole Ebay came to  the rscue I ordered a new TV  which will be here by Wednesday.. I cant believe the electronic stuff thats gone down this past 2 months First the washing M/C went then the TV in the Den Then Mavis computer Screen Now the TV in the camper and would you believe My Ruddy Iphone is only lasting a day ( if I dont Use it.) So it looks like a new phone is on the cards. Nothing is built to last Oh I forgot the sparker ignighter on the van fridge on the blink it still lights the fridge but  the sparker  keeps flashing. But maybe I can get that sorted at the next Show which Is Malvern. WE  found a letter on the mat when we got home today. As I was unloading stuff  Mavis called out its from the Marsden. Oh No is this to say  she is not suitable for the trial and they have cancelled Thursdays appointment. She ripped open  the envelope and stood on the step reading it while I waited with baited breath. WELL  I said ,its from the Marsden. YES AND? Its just a  copy  to our Doctor  not bad news.. Whew !.

I can feel my face burning. I got bitten  on Saturday  on the arm I didnt feel it, but  it started itching and when I looked I had a lump  like a nat bite but leading  from it was a long wrigly line like a length of string 3/4 up my arm all thick and red. They put antihistamin on it but  over the next  couple of hours it had gone from my wrist  to past the elbow. Then 2 more bites on the other  arm and hand. They drove me mental all night itching like mad. Still itching  now.

The home here that was on fire when we left on Thursday is badly damaged but not  burnt  out as we were told. AS we were  packing the van to leave we had  fire engines bursting through the gates . Mavis was panicking  that I had parked behind one to unpack  . Come on move it she was yelling at me , Louis was barking  at all the comotion. I hurried ly  tossed all the stuff from the car into the Van and in amidst the uproar we shot off to escape. About  2 miles out  Mavis  said I cant see the Orange Bag with all the food in it, You did  pick it up didnt you?. NO I said I didnt see an Orange bag. After a few short words she said well we will have to go back or we wont have any food. I said OK but  its about 12 miles before we can turn round. So it was salence for a few more miles when she said . Carry on we will have to  call in the new Sainsburys  in canterbury. Now I am confused where is the NEW sainsburys. But alls well that end well we Found it re stocked and  eventually  reached the P and R. When we got home  tonight she said dont forget  the Orange bag its where you left it in the boot. Funny when I opened the boot  No Orange bag. But thhere was a canvas dark green shopping bag that we keep in the car for emergencys. It was all in that. I said the reason I didnt  pick it up on thursday was because its a bag that is always there in the boot I didnt think it was that especially with 5 Fire Engines and half the Park on Fire lLouis going Mad and you yelling  at me to move. But  Noproblems Ive put it in the Vannow ready for the next outing hopefully it will not be so hectic. See never a dull Moment here is there.


One thought on “Sunday

  1. Ray, we men can’t do right for doing wrong, eh? lol
    Glad that you and Mavis managed to settle down to a nice weekend.
    Cheers for now.

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