A lot  quieter day today. I was up at 5 am because my back was agony. I couldn’t  lay flat or sideways or anyway. So  I got up made a cup of tea and sat on this damn M/C.

I did the daily puzzle and  emails etc. Mavis came in  about 6 am whats up she said can’t you sleep. Nope My backs killing me. We sat for a while I took  pain killers and about  7 am I was heavy-eyed. So i crept off into the  sitting room  and carefully  laid on settee. next I knew was Mavis came in about  8.30. Ok Are you awake. So it was time  for more tea and breakfast. After ablutions sorted Its time to take my baby louis for his trot up the lane. But it was so muggy he wasnt really interested.  When it got round to lunch time we took a trip  up to a posh farm shop we were told about. We said we have been there before  but we were assured it was not the same place. But  as soon as we turned into the road it was clear we had been here before and as we parked we confirmed it. I pointed out  various buildings we had been in and we soon agreed Yes we had been here previously. Anyway we were here now so we walked into the big  store and mavis ended up buying  stuff. No ssurprise there then.

When we got back had lunch and to be honest it was to hot to do anything. I wandered round the garden and watered all mavis`s pots most of which were grateful..

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