Voting  day later on. Van insurance arrived  ok for another year. No TV  yet but its only 10 am.

Posting back  the sleeping bag shortly.

Well its now late afternoon. The TV I ordered for my campervan arrived. Gosh its so Light I  thought when I  picked up the box that seriously it  was empty. But no  everything was in it. tHe tv the remote  the manual the  base the 2 separate cables the 12 v charger. I couldnt believe it.

I have now posted back the sleeping bag, so lets hope he follows through. The man in the post office was none to pleased  with it. WHAT IS IT he asked when he saw me in the queue . A Blanket I said. IS IT HEAVY? No not really. HMM!!! Mumble mumble? But hey Ho its gone now.

We  went up and voted. We were the only ones in there. I said quiet isnt it! It has been busy she said.

Ive also down loaded half a dozen books on my kindle so  I am setup for a while. At least while we are away   I can set up the TV and try out my new Arial . It all better come together after all the fuss lately.

Ive just  come back with louis. He has a bit of a reputation for being unsociable and barking at other dogs. I often say to people, just ignore him dont try  stroking him and he is fine. Well  while out another  dog owner came by her dog was going berserk at louis growling and barking and pulling at his lead doing back flips and roll overs trying to get at him. Louis! Well he just sat down beside me completely  calm and watched. The other  owner  was dragged away and she kept looking back at  louis to see if he was chasing, but nope! he just  sat quietly untill  they were  up the road then we calmly moved off. He told mavis he had been a good boy and he got his doggy choc rewards.

I can see the little green light has just come on my kindle . That meands its now charged ready for the weekend.


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