Another wet day.

We don’t know what  was wrong yesterday but we couldn’t sleep. I think it was way past 2 am before I  dropped off and I was up at 4 am. Mavis said she was the same. i am tired today. I had a couple of jobs to do in the camper. Thats sorted now.

Ive had one of those worrying emails . It says it’s from Pay Pal and that my account has been restricted that my purchasing power has been reduced. I  read the full header and it just  didn’t feel right. Pay pal  has a security site  so I fwd it to security as Phishing Scam. There is no need to restrict my spending I am a good customer and all payments are taken automatically so it’s not  money.

I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for my prescription. SEveral phone calls over the past week resulted  in another  one this morning WHERE IS MY PRESCRIPTION I asked. Not a very convincing response but a promise it will be here today. It’s now 10 to 5 and a little bag has just arrived. I ordered 6 items and got 3. Back on the phone even more  upset. Now I am told out of stock and will get  balance tomorrow. You just cant get the staff anymore.


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