Another cock-up with my pills Its 2 weeks since I submitted my request. First  they didn’t know what happened  but will look into it. They didnt that was a week ago. Late yesterday after me chasing them up again  they said  they made it urgent and they will be here . But  what do you think. I opened the little bag and out of 6 items I got only 3. More phone calls they are out of stock,but will be here tomorrow.

I give up.

If any of you have been reading Mavis`s Take a break  article on my web page. You will see I have completely  updated it. It was a rush job before  and I wasnt happy  with the blocky  cut and paste bits. Now its on a full-page on its own.

Also  some good news for those that do my daily Puzzle. It will soon be available on your Iphad or phone. But  not  on other tablets any time soon. As soon as I  get confirmation I will  let you know.

We had fun this afternoon Mavis decided that her new washing M/C needed draining to clean the filter. I was in here when I heard some loud expletives coming from the kitchen when I dashed out to see what was up the floor was flooded. She had pulled the large drain plug and water shot everywhere. The hand book says to pull out a little hose first but  it does not  come out. A trip to curry me thinks.



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