Wow its hot today. Earlier I took louis for his walk and the wind was blowing hard  on the way back the heavens opened and we got soaked. Not done a lot sorted todays puzzle. and emails. We went  out  to get some bits for a change Mavis walked louis while I did the shopping well only half a dozen bits really. I dont think she trusts me to get the lot. But  I was oleased with myself because I  managed to work the trolly park I put my  pound in  and off I went and I got my pound back at the end. As I was pushing  the trolly round the shop I was aware that  its really a womans domain. Women pushing trollys at you ,into you. from the back from the front from left and right. Crossing over your path pushing in here and there. Gosh .Mavis was up early again, but she is doing ok. just a few more days and off we go  to hospital again.


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