Brilliant Sunny Day. Ive been changing the batteries in  garden  lights. I got one solar light thats is on all day but  goes off at night ,how do you work  that out. We sat in the garden for a bit, but it was just tooo hot. I seem to have collected a few minute spiders. Got them in my hair in my beard had one  in my eye this morning got them hanging off my glasses. having a right old time they are.

Hm! So its Sunday just a few more days then back to the Marsden this time to start in ernest. Then Mavis has this big  talk to do in Manchester. Louis is going into kennels for a couple of days. This will  be only the second time in the 7 years we have had him that he will be away from home without us.Bless him.

A couple of months ago I couldnt let mavis walk on her own for fear of her falling  over, which she had done several times. Why not get a stick I sugested. No I am not ready for that she said. But slowly she would take the stick. But  she would still fall over. Its the periphial Neuropathy she would say. OK  lets get a walking frame. NO WAY she said,But once again sense overruled and we went  and bought a small walking  frame. She got on well with it and soon she had got her confidence back and it helped to strengthen her legs. Today  we took louis to the park and I was watching  the old Mavis walking and throwing the ball just like old times. She is remarkable nothing seems to phase her.


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