Hot today. Louis  doesnt know where to lay in the cool. All Ive done is nod off. Its been a struggle  keeping my eyes open. We did manage a short drive out this afternoon. Mavis had to go to the bank. Ive not had any  DIY . So  apert from emails etc its been a no no day. I was gearing myself up  for louis stay in the kennells. But  I was wrong again. Its next week.

The ebayer thay I bought my new phone from last week has been helpfull  . I  tried to get a lead locally but  they did not fit. So I asked him if he had one. No only lead that come with phone so sorry. No problems I told him. More mail. He can get me a UK charger with lead. No thats ok I said. more emails. Today  Hall Friend. I give you  UK charger for free as good gesture with lead you ask for hows that let me know you thoughts.

Well thats good of you but please dont go to that trouble. NO Trouble  he said I send it from China to you  if you pay postage. Only £5 postage.

I thought this could go on and on. So I said OK  send me it from china I happy  to pay postage.

So far thats it. When i think that Maplins lead was £10 and did not fit  I think  a new charger and lead for a Fiver was not a bad deal.

Some ebayers go the extra mile.


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