Back home now. just a couple of days away to meet  mavis friends. We met up and had a nice pub meal after which we sat out  in the evening sun until it got  cold. Next morning  we got up early and caught the bus into town. Did a lot of shopping. Ended up with lots of heavy bags to carry back to the terminal. Gosh were we tired. We were on our feet for 3 hours. We are feeling it today. Yesterday  Mavis was sitting out in the sun I was inside the van. I could hear her talking to  a man. But  I overheard him ask her Are you  on your own then. No my husband is in the Van  she said Oh Ok he said. I thought blimey she has pulled again. Cant leave her 5 mins. Like flies round a jam pot. lol Bless her.

I have been searching for a second sim card for my phone. fed up  having no signal. I see all these people texting away and me no signal. I am on 3 but too many places with no signal has promted me to change. I was recomended T-mobile so I will wait for 3 to answer my email  to find out when my contract expires then they can whistle in the wind.

Its been a bit of a break before  we start the drug  phase 1 tomorrow. Its up at  4 am out on the road by 6 am  for a 9 am appointment we hope the traffic is ok .


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