Start of a New Era. We arrived at the Marsden at 8 am. Nice time to book in and settle. But we were told they have a staff meeting so  we may have to wait a bit.  But  eventually  Mavis was ushered in. Bloods were taken blood pressure all the usual things. The actual drug infusion takes about 30 , mins. I thought great we could be home by lunch time. Then we were asked to return to the waiting room and wait for the drug to come up to the ward.  we waited and waited and waited. Then  we were told there has been a problem the drug was not available because someone forgot to order it on friday. But it  will be here before  12 noon. So we went  for a breakfast. They gave us a bleeper . But it didn’t go off. we were later told  more delays it would be here now until  2.30. We sat about bored stiff I dropped off  but we went down for some lunch. Still no beeper. It finally arrived around 2.15 and we  or rather Mavis was called in. Sitting next to her was a man who started talking to mavis and it soon became apparent that  he recognised her from  news articles and TV  he was also a meso  sufferer. He said so you are the first one to get this drug and I am the second. They chatted for ages both having meso in common. We  finally left at 3.15 and had a good run along the dreaded M25 at 4.30 that’s a long ole day again. But  thats the first of 52 planned visits over the next 2 years. This is going to be the breakthrough we need.

Well we are shattered so that  just about wraps up my news for today.


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