Oh dear!

Mavis up at 3 am. She can’t sleep again. Me I got up at 4 am I was awake worried about her. But she says  she is ok just can’t sleep. Today we have to  put louis in kennels. We hate doing it but we can’t take him to Manchester with us. I’ve been telling him he is going on holiday  and will meet new friends. He isnt going until after lunch. It will be a quiet lonely night without him. We are off early in the morning. we will miss him.

.We have some packing to do I am sure mavis wont get everything in the case.  When I see what she packs for a weekend camping I am terrified at what she intends to take for this conference. Probably will be no room for my stuff. Good job its got wheels on.

I am sorry but there will not be a puzzle  for Fri/Sat. But Should be on line again for Sunday puzzle. Its just too much hassle taking the laptop and plugs leads connectors power supplies all crammed in  one case.

Its been  a nervious day constantly checking train times platform numbers  how many stops between  places. Ordering taxis  sorting  clothes  so many things to remember. Its worse gong by train than  going in the camper van. Thats hectic enough. Nervous  in case the kennels find something in his docs that they dont like or we have missed.


Well the dirty Deed is done. Louis has been left in the kennels. He was happy as Larry to get there. But when it came to put him in the kennel he wouldnt let us shut the door on him . he wanted out  with mummy. The Man had to step in and hold him while we got out. The look og utter disbelief on his little face when he raealised he was staying was hurtful. But  hopefully we can  get home in time to pick him up on Saturday so its only 2 nights at best 3 nights if we cant make it.

Suit case is packed . All we got to do now is relax and get ready forthe taxi in the morning.


Poor ole louis has been away for over 4 hours now. I bet he doesnt know what he has done to deserve this. We miss him already. We just have to make a big fuss of him when he comes home bless him. Oh how we love our pets.


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