Saturday 3 days in Manchester

A Few Days in Manchester
This journey started several weeks ago ,We are going to Manchester Mavis told me. She was asked go speak at the oncology forum 2014 conference.                            This news was both exciting and a  bit nervous but also Sad, It meant our old dog Louis was to go into kennels not something he is used to . During those past few weeks lots of thing were going tohave to  take place. All the hotel and travel arrangements were taken care of. Basically all we had to do was to get up and go.                                     As the date 19 June drew closer our thoughts turned to  packing and what to pack for the 3days . An appointment for the kennels was to be made for the 18th and all to soon that day arrived we took him after lunch to book him in. The Look of surprise and fear on his little face when we closed the cage door and LEFT him was painful.   Now things must come together things to pack so most of the rest of the day was taken up. It was early to bed for a 5 am early start in the mornings.
6am the alarm went off Mavis was up but I struggled out the bed .My time spent in the toilet was a blur.
But after 2 cups of tea and some breakfast I was ready to face the day. Taxi was due at 8:15. I took short walk up the road to look for him it was 8am at 8:05 I am panicking 8:10″ “”” he is not coming should I phone him. But at Last 8.14 he has just turned the corner. At last we are off.

We are in plenty of time for the train to London. Soon we are on board and off again. The journey was a bit boisterous. Due to a group all dressed up for Ascot. Champagne flowed, wine ,cakes and nibbles were passed round. At one point the man opposite knocked his wine over and it went all down my trousers.
Arriving at Victoria we made our way via underground to Euston. Dragging the case on the escalator was no joke
. At one stage I was shouted at get over and stand on the right.
We’ll You learn something every day. Off at Euston now to find mainline. We were booked first class; we found it and sought our seats. It took. about 2hrs.
A taxi to the hotel and now to booking in.
The Palace hotel Manchester was massive. as we booked in luggage was taken to our room for us, we were escorted to our suite.
When we stepped inside the wow factor was evident.This was their prestigue suite in the brochure. It comprised of 3 large rooms a lounge with a leather suit, a bathroom c/w shower and bath, the bedroom was something else as we opened the door it was dominated by a 4 poster bed..But little time to sink in it as we had to change and freshen up and make our way for welcome drinks before the conference 3pm.  It lasted to around 6pm: Included was question Time with Peter Scissions taking the chair. Next was in the restaurant for 7.30 for evening meal.
Which lasted until we retired to bed at 10:30 shattered ready for an early start next day.

Today Friday after breakfast we started another conference on which later Mavis was to talk .I was amazed at the first list. So many Professors, Doctors, GPS ,             Senior Nurses and Lawyers.
Mavis knew many of them. . But it was amazing just how many came up and introduced themselves to Mavis all were so anxious to meet her. Her fame had preceded her. I am known as Dennis the one who walkls behind the iron Lady. It certainly was Ike that.
All these people coming to meet her ,others bringing some other professors to introduce them to Mavis. Sometimes I got a handshake.
But that’s fine I sit back in awe at how well she is known and respected and what she has achieved on her journey. I am immensely proud of her I just wish in my heart that it were for something else.
After a break for lunch it was back to the conference. Now Mavis turn to address them. she did really well and was warmly received. As soon as I can I will put  a video on  YouTube.
This concluded the Conference and after a lot of goodbyes the remainder of speakers and guests left. But we were still booked in for another night.
Now we could retire as we had about an hour before an evening meal. Gosh more food. But this time without the rest.

This over it was time to return to our room and a bit of TV before bedtime I packed the case ready for an early start in the morning.
But Mavis was up at 3am she can’t sleep. Soon we were both up and made a cuppa we tried to Sleep but we were to hyped up and both of us were missing Louis.                  We did go back to try and sleep I think we dropped off until around 6 am when we gave up. We finished packing and I checked all the drawers and wardrobes like you do. Now we wait for an early breakfast.
I had to re arrange the taxi time so we could spend time in the station rather than leaving at the last minute and rushing. The taxi fare on arrival was £6.70 so I gave him a tenner. Expecting it to be about the same leaving so when we got out at the station I handed him a tenner and said that’s fine. THANK YOU very much he said. Mavis said that was cheaper wasn’t it. No I said I gave him a tenner aswell. She said the meter said £3.20 Oh dear. Too late now it’s done. So we headed into the station to wait. 9.35 was our depart time. We found the platform and boarded. We found the carriage and seats. We met a nice couple sitting opposite and we chatted all the way back to London. Now we had to negotiate the weekend rush on the underground. But with lots of offers for a seat and people carrying our case on and off the train, helped up and down the escalators you begin to realise just how old you must appear to other people. Some nice people about and that includes the much-maligned youths that also offered seats and help. We reached Victoria, which was just 4 stops on. Right at the last minute we had to dash we moved as fast as we could. We were on a 12-car train and we had to be in the front 4 coaches. As we passed the guard Mavis said have we got time to walk to the front. NO he said with his whistle in his mouth we are leaving NOW. So we dived in the first open door and now began the trudge up to the front carriages. Well all was fine as we edged past people’s elbows and cases in the gangways. Squeezing past some of the narrow gaps. All was well even though I was struggling when the train, which by now had gathered speed suddenly, lurched and what next.      I lost my balance. I tumbled headlong into a group. I put my hands out instinctively but unfortunately I ended up grabbing a young ladies thigh. She was only wearing shorts and I was firmly hanging in there. My head landed in the lap of the young lady opposite. My legs, god knows where they were. The man helped me to my feet. I was so embarrassed and so apologetic to both the ladies. They were very understanding. The man said let me take your case for you where are you heading. Only as far as the next carriage I said and once more apologised and thanked them for their understanding.
We reached our seats and I just dropped into them hot sweating and out of breath. It was ok to just sit back and wait till we reached home. Even right up to getting off,       a man took the case and said I will take that for you. Which he did and waited until we stumbled off. A short pace or two and we were in the taxi cab office getting a cab. At last we were home. We just dumped everything in the porch. I made a quick cuppa. But Mavis couldn’t drink it let’s go now and get Louis she said. So off we went in the car. They said he had been good. Very nervous and wouldn’t eat. But they had him groomed as we asked when we left him. When I walked through the kennel past all those bloody big dogs all barking and jumping up at the cage doors it was quite intimidating. As I reached Louis he was standing in the corner. The man opened the door but Louis didn’t move. Then he saw me ,at first he walked up to the the door then it clicked, he poked his nose through the wire and I touched him he started shaking and clawing at the wire the man had a job to put his harness on. But he opened it up Louis bounded out and was jumping like mad all over me. I led him past all those barking dogs, which he did not like. Then he saw Mavis that was it he went crazy. So after settling the bill we left for home. He looks so different with all his coat cut off. Cute but so tiny
. Well that’s about it we are all home together catching up on what we have to . Louis is asleep by our feet to frightened to leave our sight. It’s 9.15 now and soon we can sleep in our own bed.
What are my best memories of the 3 days away? Testing the 4 Poster, nuff said. lol–


2 thoughts on “Saturday 3 days in Manchester

  1. A smashing write up Ray. I really enjoyed that. Glad to know that the weekend was a success.

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