WE  are still getting over the trip. I  helped a bit in the garden  with Mavis. I find it frustrating that  we or rather Mavis works hard to keep our garden nice and tidy. Yet we still have to sort other people’s crap. They  allow  bushes and all that horrible stuff covered in spikes grow through and hang over your fences. And you are the one left to cut it and cart away the rubbish. We decided Mavis that is asked me to  do the back garden where it was all growing through and was about 8 feet high waving  big spiky things in the air. I said but it’s not ours,I always trim back  most of it  on my side. I said its been like that for 14 years. Oh  just do it for me she said. So  out with the hedge cutter and 15 mins it was down . 15 mins to  clear away the mess. OK so its half an hour. It’s still not mine. We have the same on the side, but I think I mentioned that before when I had to cut it all back.

Louis eating like he,s never eaten before. I don’t think he ate anything at the kennels. He did say he is not a big eater. He looks so  different with all his hair gone.

I managed to get  mavis`svideo  up on youtube early this morning as I left it  uploading all night, it was still loading at breakfast. That was the straight unedited version. People wanted it in Holland  so I had to get it on asap. during the day I’ve been adding bits and some pics. It is uploading now  so when that’s ready I will put the link on our web

I  dropped off on the settee for about 2 hours today and louis was close by too. I think mavis was face booking. Now she is watering the garden as its so dry. We did have several  sets of solar lights , each of which I have replaced the battery’s on several occasions. But I am fed up with them  not working. Even in these past few days we have had brilliant sunshine,but they don’t so, they have all gone now. I have kept the last set of butterflies  and replaced their battery’s today . If they are not working tonight then they will bite the dust. We still have several stem lights half of which no longer work  so  they will join the others soon.

At least we don’t have  the Marsden in the morning I don’t think I could face it.

Published by Raymond

I paint when I get time. Write poetry when the mood takes me. Always been interested in Photography. Having just bought a new camera I thought Id start again with a decent one.This is an oportunity to put my work on display.

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