In today’s post came the watch I ordered for Mavis. Blimey when she oped it .Wow! It was huge. She likes a Mans watch . Little dainty watches about the size of a half pence coin are just not her. Trying it on the strap was big enough to go round her thigh. Ok I can sort that I said. Normally  its a simple job to take  links out. But this has taken me over 2 hours. In the end I had to destroy a link to  get it open. The pin would not go  in  or out. Not until I  destroyed a link  could I see what it was. They were miniature split pins simply pushed in. Not designed to come out easy. But  at last its done now and fits perfect.

We  went out shopping to Canterbury. I must have been tied because according to mavis I nearly collided with a Bus and 2 other cars.Oh well that’s life.

She was up early again. I came out to see if she was ok. She said she was but couldn’t sleep again.  She sent me back to bed. But I got up around 8 am  I couldnt get back to sleep. But she has got better and better  through the day. She still has a running nose but she said she is much better than she was earlier,.

Mavis said some links  on her video page were not working like the others. She tried to explain what she meant. But it was ages before the penny dropped . So I have sorted that now.

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