Another NHS Meeting. This one was different to most of the others. I actually understood most of it. It was interesting  learning about CT/Pet Scans.

mavis was taking lots of notes. I had other things on my mind. I was thinking about my project and writing notes to  act on when we got home. She thought I was taking notes on the meeting. It was a shame to disappoint her.

We came home and just bundled louis in the car and took him straight round the park.

I did my usual nap but mavis is all fired up  turning her notes into her blog. She was quite excited that  the BBC live parliament debate was The Saatchi Bill. She said Oh look Lord Saatchi mentions me in his speech.

I can hear Emerdale in the background. It amazes me how these soaps think that we all keep guns in a cupboard and that it’s perfectly  normal to just go and shoot some one if you feel like it. I remember years ago The BBC took of a radio program Dick Barton Special Agent because it was considered to violent. Compared to todays programs  Dick Barton was a fairy. They call it Progress.

We discussed changing my car today . It’s brilliant for  town work cheap and nippy. But with our 2 year 2 weekly trip commitment to The Royal Marsden,maybe its time to  get one with a little more omph! in it.

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