An all  to expensive day. Yesterday we sort of  half  spoke about  changing the car. So today with chores and ablutions and breakfast out the way we took a drive to hernebay. It’s the garage where I bought mine.

But they didn’t have anything l liked. So we continued on to  the other garage where I bought my other car.

It didnt take mavis long to spot the shiny red Kia. I had walked past it . She said I like this one. Soon a saleswoman  asked can she help Yes can I see this on . After a bit of chat we went inside to talk figures. With the usual  hum and R ing  her first offer I said no thanks. Now with a bit more sales patter she upped her offer. She said would I do a deal  at that. I said Sorry No way. Ok  she said I am reluctant to lose a customer. I said round it down and you got a deal. She did the bit where you get the hm! er! bit.  She said If I do that for you do we have a deal. So I did my bit of Hm and R ing . So  after a bit I said OK done. So that’s it another  car bites the dust.ikea2Its only done  just over 7 k miles i owner and still has 3 free services left. When would you like to pick it up. I am in no hurry I told her. Is monday ok. No can’t do monday we said. Well I am  away on Tuesday and Wednesday  she said. Ok  what about  Thursday  I don’t have a problem with that. Right settles 9 am Thursday collect.

We have had heavy  rain  as promised today. But other than this  I dont have much more.


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