A right lazy Day today. Even poor ole louis had to wait for his morning Pee. But I  managed a walk up the lane with him. I just realised I didn’t even take breakfast today. It was after lunch when mavis  said we should take a certain person for his run in the park. He is clairvoyant because even if we talk in code he knows. So I could not get out of it.

I’ve not even done much on my pc. I got bored with it. I  got a short nap but  ended up watching  some TV, that says how bored I was.

Its evening  meal time now I can smell it cooking. I think it’s an early night because it’s an early start in the morning. It’s another  Royal Marsden . I hope we don’t have a repeat of last time. A 6 hour wait trying to kill time while they sort out where the ruddy  drug is. Hopefully  we leave here at 6 am get there around 8 to  8.30 depending on the M25. get all the bloods and checks done 35 mins to take the drug. Signed out and on our way home about 10  getting back here about 12.30 ish. Then freedom for  2 more weeks.

The next time we go it will be in the new car. That will be interesting. Not that it will cut down on the time scale. Because it takes what it takes.

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