I had to sort insurance change over today. I was amazed. I  envisaged about  a £100 or maybe even more extra to pay because the difference in value  from my  current car to the new one. I made the call. After the normal  platitudes what is the registration of your  new vehicle she asked. She had said there will be an admin charge of £12 to change the details.  Ok she said I have the vehicle details on my screen. Can you confirm them. Yep OK. She said there will  be no admin charge for  this and there will be a cheque in the post  as a refund because your new policy  will be cheaper than your existing one. I said how amazing is that. I was expecting a hefty  hike in  premium. So with that sorted and a refund I am a happy bunny.

I decided to  clean out  the bits   from  my car. I got a carrier bag full. From  sweets to power leads for  phones ipads  tablets phones etc. Dogs toys and water bowls to bottled water. And in the boot  with the spare wheel which has never been used were 3 cans of de icer I had forgotten about. So basically I am ready for the hand over on thursday.

Mavis was up early again but  she says she feels fine. Not feeling sick like last time  so fingers crossed.

She wants to go shopping  after lunch. She fancied something nice but didnt know what.


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