It was hot  when I got up. So it was a slow start. Louis got his walk as usual. After breakfast  did a bit on PC . mavis looked tired ,she was up early again. This 5 am or earlier is getting a habit for her  she just can’t sleep. And today she has the flu symptems again  just like after the last drug day. It  turned  out to be such a nice day mavis said what  we doing today. What ever you fancy  I said. So we decided to  have a run out  to herne bay. But parking was hard  so I pulled in the first available space. But  it was on top of the hill and mavis didn’t have her stick with her so  we only walked down the hill a short way. The climb back up again was hard in the heat so we sat on the bench for a while. Then we set off for Tankerton  its a lot flatter there. We  just about managed a walk round the block but that was more than enough for Mavis again we sat on a bench before struggling  back to the car.  I got a call on my phone whilst driving hey i said I got a call I pressed what I thought were the right buttons  on the steering wheel and spoke up  but it said something about connection. But I  didn’t manage it. It’s suposed to be blue tooth and hands free. I don’t quite understand it at the moment. I need to experiment. When we got home the thermometer in the front room said 31c. Thats hot we agreed. Louis just flaked out and that was about it. It’s a lot cooler now but so muggy.


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