While we were out yesterday we had all the car windows open it was so hot.  At one point something hit me on the head. It made me jump. Mavis  said whats up. Something just hit me on the head. But  we couldnt see anything and it was quickly forgotten. Today when we took louis to the park mavis suddenly shouted out wasp  there is a wasp in here. I braked but mavis was ahead of me she had already flung the door open good job I had almost stopped as we were passing a heavy fence. But sure enough there was a wasp crawling  along the dashboard. But with a quick swipe up the backside she had helped it out the door. i wonder  how that got in here she said. I said I recon that is what hit me on the head yesterday and its been  shut up in here over night.

Its not so good today a bit wet  and overcast.


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