It was a wardrobe turn out day . mavis asked me yesterday ,would I do my chuckout  thing in her wardrobe because she  cant throw anything away. But today I found her  in the thro`s of sorting it. So I  started on mine. Right up on the top shelf I found several pairs of trousers I had forgotten about and presumed disposed of by mavis. Its because I cant reach  that high . But I got the stool out  and lo and behold 4 pairs of  trousers. The fact that this week I have bought 3 pairs of trousers,mainly because I cant get into most of mine now ” fat git”

But after a short  time I had a nice pile of  trousers and other stuff that I  no longer wear . This with mavis `s pile we will take to the clothes bin later. I found a white pair of trousers brand new never worn tucked up on the top shelf. Still had the label on. But  they are too small now so  out they go.

Next we sorted the basket in the porch that we keep  gloves and scarves and hats for the winter. Wow so many scarves and gloves that we never wear created another pile for the bin. Looking at the amount we are dumping ,we could have a market stall. So wasteful .

A short trip  to the clothes bin and now its all gone. But  when we got back to the car  we couldnt believe it there were several scratches on my nice new shiny car. ” long ones at the boot and one long one on the door post and several small ones around the door lock. None of which were there when I parked it  up last night. We now wonder if  some one attempted to  get in it. bastards. Now  its a trip to halfords tomorrow to  sort  scratch remover. Not had it 10 days yet. We always park away from other cars or in a disabled bay  when available to avoid those selfish uncaring people who just bang  their doors into you because they dont give a damn.



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