I decided to go to  Halford  to get  some touch up paint to cover the scratches some arsehole has inflicted on my  new car. But  to my surprise they dont cover my  car. So  after a nightmare journey dodging lunatic sunday  drivers i  got home in one piece. A quick  search on line soon discovered that  you can only get  my paint from a registered dealer. So  Ive had to order it .

Its turned out so hot after torential rain all morning. What a climate.

Tomorrow is marsden  hospital day again so its up at around 5 am again. I fell asleep in the waiting room last time so there is every chance I will again.

I called in the garage  to  top up  ready for the journey. £16.54 filled it from just over half a tank. I like it.


One thought on “Sunday

  1. Ray, sorry to hear that someone has scratched your new car. 😦 I hope the time at The Royal Marsden passes quickly for you both tomorrow. (Y)

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