Monday is Marsden day. All 11 hours of it. we were up at a bit before 5 am ready to leave at 6 am . The journey all a bit  anxious, it was the first journey in the new car. But I have no worries on that score. It ran fine with no problems. We arrived at the hospital  at 8.15 and booked in. It was a a different day they had booked Mavis in a bed which was strange but it was done because they were  full up on the ward we have used before. Thee day wore on until it was time to go. We got home at 5.15pm Thats 11 and a quater hours. A Long day.

When we got in we were both shattered.A small walk with louis was me in a zombie state walking him. I recon its an early night. ready to face what ever  tomorrow throws at us.


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