Yesterday I was shattered. I went to bed at 9pm. Even after sleeping like a log i am awake  today but i feel like s..t. I’ve walked louis but in a dream like state. i am just not here. No energy and so tired. feel like flu but  with out the nose and eyes symptoms. So Tired.

The only uplifting  so far was the sight of 3 geese flying in harmony behind the hedge right in front of me .They flew the length of the field just a few feet off the ground zig zaging  until out of sight over the beach.

later a trip to Canterbury  shopping. We tried a different route in to see if its quicker. It was so maybe that will be our route.

Its been really warm again today. So perhaps a nice weekend is on the cards.

i was searching for an app for my Blood pressure monitor. But  there is only  one for the monitor and its on IOS . Nothing  for android. So I can’t use it on my new phone. So it will have to be connected to my iPad. I am amazed,it’s not as if android is new is it.


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