Another change day its quite fresh out. Dull overcast. I dont believe it Mavis has put the heating on.sus10 (300 x 169)

This odd picture is of me sitting  in the van watching a reflection of mavis on the TV screen washing the back of the van. Cleaning she never stops.

I walked louis but  the lane is empty and a fresh wind blowing.


Sun came out  after lunch ,mavis wanted to go to the farm shop so we took louis for a run in the park then on to the farm shop for cherries strawberies and victoria plumbs. Could be belly ache tomorrow.

I was going to update  my  tablet but as I have had problems before I thought I would check it  out first. Good job I did because  several comments agree that  the 4.4.4 update is causing more problems than it fixes. So I am steering clear for now.

I remember updating my TomTom sat nav and it totally destroyed it. It turned out the updates were unstable. That cost me over a 100 quid for a new one. So I am always nervous  now.Sometimes the version you have thats working is better than the updates that destroy.

Oh Oh Oh trouble at Mill in Emerdale.

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