Hi. home again. I have posted each day on F/B But as an update. Thursday  we were all set to  leave for the weekend. van packed fridge on clothes in wardrobe. Louis  in his seat Mavis strapped in. Ready she asked. Just a final check I said. And to my Horror I had a flat. Sorry luv Got a flat. Set my pump up switch on. No  improvement. Everybody out I said Its time to call the AA. Next problem. I dialed on my mobile. hello you are through to the emergency services Then came the painful bit. If you require this press 1 if that press 2 you know the routine. Well  I am not up to speed on this new phone. I pressed everything I got the message sorry  you have failed to respond we are closing this call. I was infuriated. I flung the phone into the back of the Van and stormed indoors to use a land line. Temper temper. Eventually I very nice man turned up checked things out . I said I have found 2 enormous  bits of flint  buried in the tread. Thats not your problem  he told me. Look the valve is sliced in half. you need a new valve. So  he set too and changed my wheel. next step  round to the garage and asked if they could do it while I wait. Yes was the answer, just  show me where it is. I said can you change  the wheel for me and stow the old one under the van back in its cage. Of course he said. So we sat about for   a while untill it was all done. I went to pay and was gobsmacked. My first thoughts were it wants a new tyre  expecting to fork out  nearly £60  its only  4 months old . But no it only wanted a valve all done and dusted £10.50 Sir he said. Wow! Well impressed. So now at last we can set off. We arrived on site in just over an hour. The sat nav is still playing up switching in and out  as it pleases. But we got there mainly because we knew the route anyway. The weather was brilliant. My face is like a beetroot. We walked up  to the edge of town but Mavis couldn’t make it  further so after a sit down we came back. come today its time to think about  what time to leave. Oh about 3 pm Mavis said. Oh No rush then. So we sat about chatting  when all of a sudden large drops of rain smacked me on the head and a quick look over my shoulder showed a black sky coming in fast. it was a mad dash to  get things packed away. Chairs  folded and stowed all the odd bits thrown in the back box . Whipping off the silver screen so  it doesn’t get wet.. Unplugging and packing the Solar panel. By this time mavis is shouting through the window get inside but its to late I am soaked. We sat looking at the rain for a minute or two  and decided to call it a day. we almost left the park but  as we got to the road we couldn’t see a thing it was torrential so we waited till it eased a bit but soon we were behind loads of cars all splashing away. Then trapped behind a tractor for miles through country lanes. It wasnt long before mavis told me  the sat nav has no sound although it says it has. Then its changed to 2 d again then all weird things happening. Thats it I said I will call in to Halford on the way home and get another on. So that’s what we did. the rain eased up and the closer we got to home the brighter it became. I nipped into Halford. But  they didn’t have the model I was looking for but the next one up  ” More money ” of course. It’s still in the box at the moment but we need it for the journey to hospital  at 6 am tomorrow morning. Nothing different there then.


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