What a day. The usual  walk  with louis was pleasant in the warm sunshine.  Then I  had a list of jobs to do. It started with me on the roof of the van. Mavis  said it was covered in green and needed cleaning. So like the good boy I am I  got the ladders out and set to. I got a few  comments from passers-by,like is it cold up there and did mavis hide the keys.

Next a job over due  the window in the van has warped in the heat and I attempted  filing a bit off the frame to  ease it but it’s not done yet. It was so hot I took a break.

But Mavis said the front door  had leaked in the heavy rain last night. So it was a trip to B & Q for  mastic frame sealant another walk with louis and back home for a spot of lunch. Next it was sort the front door by  repacking the seal. Whats on my list next Ah yes sort the toilet cassette in the van because  they had problems on the rally at the weekend. Sorted that I  tried sorting Tom Tom speed cameras but no luck so another email  to them. They sorted my linking problem yesterday so that’s working now.

As I  parked the car  The Bird s mess all over the roof and down the back was amazing, Now add to my list clean the car.

It was far to hot to do it early so it was a job for after tea. I used the new stuff that came with car. Shampoo was ok but the buffer   I am not impressed with it  still looks smeary. But I havent stopped all day  so  sod it. It will wait till tomorrow.

So far I don’t have a list for tomorrow but its early yet.

mavis has worked like a dog aswell . Doesnt matter how many times a say hey ease up  it makes no difference.

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