We are home now after  4 days  chilling in the sun again. We visited  Quex House and gardens. What a lovely place. We have eaten local produce from Thanet Earth. In one place I ordered a Bacon sandwhich. My god when it arrived ,the size of it was enormous. No way could I eat it all.

now we are home we are nursing all the nat bites. last night we had several in the van I had the mossy  trap on and we saw several get fried. But  after lights out one persistant beggar  was dive bombing us  sounds like a WW2  spitfire. I woke up this morning with bites on my ankle under my wristwatch on my back on both hands and both arms. We looked for the little fat git  but we couldnt  find it.

later this week its Scan day at Marsden we hope for good results.

When we came home our back yard was flooded. It now seems we have a burst underground main pipe. The  guys are looking at it now. We hve half a dozen slabs up and a hole filling up with water. We just spent £300  having all the slabs pointed. Oh dear!

They have packed up now and will be back tomorrow. I now have a big pile of earth and a ruddy great hole  now full of water. Prognosis. They may have to dig the full length of the back ( over 40 feet) to get to the road they are not sure where its burst. Not good news. It all kicked off  at one today first the leak and while I was talking to the men my neighbour came round .he wanted me to  renew his licence on line for him. At the same time I had a sales call  trying to sell me a dyson service plan and on my mobile at the same time my son wanted to talk to me. Manic manic. But its calmed down now.

Except for the mosy bites playing up.


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