Up at 5 am  dog walked and out at 6 am off to Marsden. The m25 was horrendous. torrential Rain. Could just about see the lorry in front of you. Then one lane closed for road works. But  just after 8 am we arrived.

It was a short morning we were all done and out by 10:30. No traffic on our side but the poor beggars on the other side were at a standstill for miles. A bit of shopping then home.

The workman has just arrived to  sort my hole in the patio. He is not a happy bunny today all grumpy. he couldn’t get his barrow through to the back. ” Oh I love this he said” I love my ***** Job”. Oh dear!

I’ll leave him to it.

At the moment I am descaling Mavis`s tasimo coffee maker.

Doorbell rang the workman has finished. He put a load of sand in the bottom of the hole all over the pipe. Then Shovelled all the earth back into it. It’s currently about 18 inches above ground, he said they will get a whacker plate to  compress it before the re instate all my slabs.

tea time now 6.30m. I’ve finished the tasimo descaling. Tested it ,all seems ok. No more red lights and the water is steaming hot. It tastes ok, not that I like coffee. But mavis said yep its fine now. Another job jobbed. On the trip  out today she finally said she like the new sat nav. The volume seems ok Now. It’s a shame it doesn’t do  what my last one did it’s not very customisable. Cant put my own voice warnings on it can’t change the distance for warnings. Seeing as it cost nearly twice my old XXL Europe. Also  It tried sending us on a different route to Marsden. We just said ignore it. Technology PHa!!


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