lazy Morning. I was stuck on my web page mostly. Then after lunch I decided to work on my guitar. My strings are a bit high. So I thought I would lower the action. After hunting for an allen key that fitted. I  searched YouTube for help. Seems simple. Slacken all the strings ,slip them off the fretboard. Insert the allen key 2 quater turns. That should  do it re fit the strings. Tune it!

Ah! Cant tune it. Keep trying. Got it close. Check action. Oh dear so much tiz. Remove strings check youtube. I have gone the wrong way. Reverse earlier and give it 2 quarter turns in opposite direction. refit strings and tune again. Still can’t tune all the strings. more youtube  start again but only one quarter turn. Re string and tune. almost there. So I inserted  key  between strings and tweaked a bit. I think  that’s it. Its tuned OK but my gut feeling is it’s not 100%. I think its back to where it was before I started.

My  pal Mick will check it out when on next rally. He thinks maybe because it’s not a better guitar no disrespect intended. But on cheaper models you just cant reset the action much beyond factory settings.

Late afternoon went  in to the garden and dumped 8 big bags of cuttings . mavis has gone mad again. I’ve attacked  next doors bloody bush. Its full of brambles and has grown into  our garden. So I got the loppers  out and set to. 2 saws and a hacksaw later I  made in roads when mavis said what are you doing you’ve gone too mad at it. it looks a mess. I am no gardener that’s for sure.

The workmen didn’t  come back to finish  my patio it’s still got a big long mound of earth and a dozen slabs to be replaced and cemented in place.

I’ve been trying to get mavis`s old laptop on-line. Its been on the top shelf for ages so it’s a case of fix it or dump it. Although it says its connected to my home broadband and my wireless network it will not  go on-line. I’ve tried everything but no go. So maybe its time to dump it. Unless anyone out there can suggest. It’s a msi wind notebook OS is win XP.


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