After yesterday, cleaning the filters and leaving over night to dry  on the Dyson. I  pulled off all the hoses and cleaned them out.

I tried it  this morning. it just didnt pick up. Mavis  keeps telling me its blocked. Where is it blocked I said , I have cleaned the filters and all the pipework. She tried it again. its no good she said.Its still blocked.

OH! Chuck it out then I said. So she put it in the shed and brought  our spare out.

Ive googled it and they all say clean the filters. But I sprinkled bran flakes on the carpet ,but it hardly touched them. Resigned  now to the thought of another couple of hundred quid for a new one.

I  started googleing again. Quite by chance I found a you tube video showing me how to replace the head and brush assembly.

What it showed was not included in the handbook from dyson. So I  went to the shed and within seconds  I had removed the head assembly. Wow! It  showed a solid tube shaped  bung of  dog chews and chewed paper half hanging out the bottom of the cleaner. I  went and found mavis cleaning with the spare. Hey! Come and look at this. We were both shocked at the solid blockage . I gently pulled it out, It just kept coming. Finally  the whole length of the pipework behind it was now clear.

After reassembling it I switched it on. Wow! double Wow, It sucked the end of the mat up , I had a job to pull it off. Yippe it works like new again.

To think 20 minutes previously it was ready for the skip. Now thats a good mornings work.

Next job on the List. is to re mastic  the bottom door sill in the porch door. I did a section last week but  the rain over night shows It didnt work. Now Ive done the next seam higher up. The rain is getting in somewhere. So now its keep an eye on it again. Hooray 2 jobs under my belt and its not lunch time yet. Whats next I ask myself?



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