Its back home we are now. Its been a hectic 6 days away. But just to see how Mavis enjoyed herself worth every effort. But Oh,are we knackered.You dont realise just how much energy you use enjoying yourself. All the old faces to meet again all the walking round the show in and out of the stalls ,bumping into  old friends standing catching up . Then all the day time frolics and then the evening entertainment. plus the  6 hours overall travelling involved and the jams the crawling along at 1 mile ph if your lucky. But as I said well worth it.

Phone signal on 3 was not to good at Malvern. several people said you must change to Tmobile  and get 4g. My phone does not accept 4g and not a lot of sim only 3g deals out there. Looking at Tmobiles web  so many different prices I dont know  what  it will cost it says so much for 12 months on a monthly  contract  but then it says  it should be this  before cash back or free gift  then they can  charge a lot more at the end of 12 months. So confusing. All I wanted was a sim card  with about 500mb data and a few calls ,not interested in 1000 of texts. But I’ve given up searching. If I can’t get a price straight and know what it’s going to cost me stuff it.

The journey home today was a good clear run no problems. Trying to catch up  on e/ms blogs, puzzles photos  FB. I dont know where to start. Got my list and working through it. Hey Ho.

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