It was supposed to be showery and dull. But its been bright and sunny and really warm.

The Gardener didn’t  come yesterday to do a bit in the side  garden. It was rain all day. But  she didn’t make it today either.

We had to go shopping again today  for new curtains. See mavis`1s blog.  I’ve spent hours trying to get the bluetooth  to work in the car. I can answer incoming calls hands free. But try as I might I just cannot   work out  getting it to  ring out. I  follow all the instructions and I can get   numbers and names into  it. It stores them no problem. But trying to  dial out the stupid things says Pardon     Pardon     Pardon     3 times then switches off. I can’t repeat what I’ve screamed at it. When I came back indoors  there was a message on my answer phone. It said”Its me trying to get this ********* phone to work” I don’t know what I did but I could not repeat it. Its got a service booked for next week I will get them to  give me lessons.

sat  half watching Emerdale Boring Boring. Next was Corrie. I had to get up I can’t take another mind numbing plot.


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