I had a mad 5 minutes. mavis wanted to  remove the Budleah tree. So  she was asleep in the chair I was updating my tom-tom so  I  took louis in the garden for a wee. Bingo i thought i will attack the tree. So  less than half hour later its right down to about  6 inches high. It’s a big round stump. Which I will have another go at it  later. We  had arranged for a gardener to come and do it but they never turned up. You know what they say if you want a job done , do it yourself. Later on we have mavis  brother visiting. But  First louis wants his run in the park. He had both of us up  at 2.30 and 3.30 this morning with an upset tummy. Not impressed especially when he went back to bed and I couldn’t sleep.


A pleasant couple of Hours when Maves Brother came.Louis got his run in the park . I had a late 40 winks.

I had another  mad 5 mins trying to demolish the remaining tree stump. When  company  arrived I had 4 Chisels buried in it and tonight they are still there. Tomorrow I  may try my power saw to finnish it off. But its got to be dry. Electric and rain don’t mix.


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