Such a nice warm day  we decided on the short drive to Tankerton. WE had letters to post and louis needs a walk. What we forgot was the warm day brings the tourists  in their hundreds. As we approached the town there wasnt a square foot of parking space they had even parked on  shop fronts paths and the vets car park. Double parked leaving a single lane up to the traffic lights that was naughty.

We are counting down the days to mavis conference speech and poor ole Louis has to go in kennels . We haven’t told him yet.

Well that’s about  it for me today. lol



We didn’t go away after all . We had planned to , but Mavis has got the makings of a flu come on. It could be from the flu jab on Tuesday. WE both  got the  jab on Tuesday, at the moment i am  OK.

We did take Louis to his park after lunch but Mavis said she should go to get fresh air.

Other than that not  much else. She got a notification  about an asbestos day talk in Chatham Dockyard in November. For us its the place where it all started. Every time I hear the word DOCKYARD it brings horrid thoughts of what it has done to her and many  more other poor souls. I am going with her, but I wont feel 100% happy. I will be thinking  if it wasnt for the place Mavis would not be in the situation she is in now.

I see Charity ,who yesterday had been unconscious  after being smacked in the head with a hammer. Is alive and well with no headaches or bandages. Better luck next time.


We were scheduled to  go to Margate for Mavis to give a speech. But late yesterday the meeting was suspended TFN. Mavis got up early to check email for latest  info,but nothing came in. So  Guessing meeting cancelled. We don’t want  an hours drive to find no one there. So we went to the McMillan day at Brogdale.DSCF943A4 It worked like this you  ordered your breakfast from the normal menu. But instead of them charging you . You donated  to McMillan charity whatever you think. We had a tea and a coffee and a round of toast. Then we walked over to the butchers and returned to the  table and waited for the raffle to be  done. Mavis won a pair of gardening gloves. Then we mad our way home again.

On the way home a Van passed us and on the side in big red letters  MEARS. Thats a name from my past. About 67 years ago I used to  walk the 2 miles to my cousins home from there we would both walk the half mile to his friend’s house Trevor Mears. Where us kids would meet up bringing our little toy cars and play at the bottom of Trevor’s garden It was a large mound in which he had carved out roads and  stops. We would crawl all over the mound pushing our cars. Sometimes it was lead soldiers and play war games. We  would play in the 6 weeks holiday enjoying the sunshine. We all had fun and I never remember any trouble or fights. No drugs or fags or beer. I don’t think  this sort of things go on as much today. Just  a distant memory


First off a trip to the station to get  tickets. What  should have been a simple thing turned out to be not so. I asked for 2 tickets. Have you heard of the early  pre-booked tickets he asked me. No I said. He went on to explain it. He said I will give you a train  time. You  must be on that train or tickets will be invalid. There is no refund or alternative train. Thats not a lot of good to me I said I  want to go  out on the friday and return on  Sunday. I can do that but I must give you  the train to be on. If you  prefer  I can offer a more simpler  booking you  go out on the Friday and come back on Sunday on any time train you choose. Well that sounds better . Ah!  but that’s more expensive he said. Ok I said sod the expense just give me to  returns for  the Friday and Sunday. Ok. Would you like me to book seats.  Right If I say yes to book me a seat he will then have to know what train I am on or he will give me a train. And we are back to square one.

Am I missing something here or is it me? Anyway its done now I must put the tickets in a safe place as it was £186  of  tickets.

Next Off to B & Q for a steamer. But they didn’t have it. Off to Sainsburys for milk she came out with a trolly load of other stuff. Next  its a trip to sturry  to the range . They have the steamer she wanted.

Ive done my BP again today 128/77. how she got over 200 4 times yesterday I think her m/c is faulty.

Dinner is done  what now Oh yes I hear the music wafting past my  ears its Emmerdale. Looks like that bitch  will get whats coming to her. WTS.


A bit of a shock at  my surgery today My blood pressure was high she said. let me do it again. Hm! its still high. 4 times  she did it. Are you taking your medication . Yes I said so how high is it she said its over 200. Blimey that is high. So  she gave me a form to do  checks and send in the results. So  after a trip to the vets for special food for louis  it was home again. I took a reading  after lunch it was 146 which is reasonable. another one at tea time it was 144 again normal. So I suspect her  equipment.

Not done much more also in and out for another blood test. Oh yes and we both got the flu jab so thats done for another year.

We got to go shopping tomorrow.



Marsden again today. After some frustrating  conditions on the M25  as usual  this morning. I was surprisingly Calm. getting used to stopping on  the UK largest car park. But we leave early  today I had to get petrol so we left before 6 am, but soon we were underway. We pulled into hospital car park at 8.20 Now the kids are back to school the last 8 miles or so  on A roads are solid. But  soon Mavis was seen to after a hic cup. The  nurse came into the waiting room and  called for Mavis  but we didnt understand what  he said and as another woman got up and went out with him we assumed it was her that was called. But  a while later  the nurse came in the waiting room again  and called for Mavis Nye. Mavis stood up and  the nurse said so you ar Mavis and the nurse with him said yes I recognize you. It seems the woman who went in  answered to  the name mavis nye and when spoken to responded as Mavis. It came to light when  further checks were made that  things didn’t  add up  and they realised she wasnt Mavis. All a bit Odd. She was in the next bed but didn’t talk to us all day she sat in bed watching TV with headphones on. Strange.

after bloods wer done we wait to  get results  . A good result then  generates  a visit from the Doctor. An examination and the usual questions out the way he said how pleased they were  with Mavis further shrinkage. It takes about 3 hours  from then to make up the drug. That finally  came up  from the lab about 2 pm .Then she gets plumbed in and 30 mins later  its done 15 mins for a final flush and we get to go home. traffic was fine till we hit the 249 then all stop for road repairs. But  we eventually get home sort louis and dinner. Now we can relax again untill  2 weeks time.

Its my turn tomorrow. an early appointment with my diabetic nurse then an appointment  with  the nurse for  blood tests as doctor wasn’t happy with  my earlier tests. So for today that’s me done.


Home now all packed away dinner out the way.E/m done. Looking forward to a 5 am start ready for marsden in the morning. That should confirm the verbal we got on last  appointment. got to take louis for his last walk today then early to bed. For me anyway. been tryinh hard to  put pictures onto nexus7. A bit and miss. More miss than hit.