Another long day at Marsden. You would not dream it would take 3 and 3/4 hrs to fit a pict line. mavis has had 2 in the past one nurse at KCC  did it all in 20 mins. The other one only took half an hr.

Todays whew! It took ages for the nurse to get dressed up  to prepare it. It looked like she was going  into Chernobyl nuclear Plant. Then the machine wouldnt work Then she got assistance  .At last it was done. But she wasnt happy with it. So  an Xray was organised  off we tramped to  Xray. back to  nurse  she read the xray and said sorry but its not right. So off we go again. All dressed up and ready. At last it was done. But just to make sure another xray is required. back through miles of corridors to Xray. Then by now nearly 3 hours since she started we decided to get a coffee and a pastry. Then we made our way back to the nurse. Yippeee! Success she said all ok you can finally go home So we left this morning at 9:30  and got back home tonight at 10 mins to 5pm. Now tomorrow we got wait for district nurse to call  some time to check it out, Then Friday its back to Marsden for  her 28 days scan.

We wre saying its not as if its our local hospital just 20 mins up the road.


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