mavis was right I posted yesterday and called it Sunday. Up early again for me today. Car service at 8.30 sharp. then leave it at the garage and walk over to the clinic for my blood tests. Then about an hour  to kill. A slow ,very slow walk right up town.  I wanted to go to the bank but they dont open  until 9.30. So I sat on the bench outside the library in the early morning sun. Just watching  people. One eccentric old lady  past me on a pushbike and witha voice like a foghorn she shouted at me See how the other half lives  ,witha big grin on her face. I smiled back and gave her a thumbs up. Its amazing what hapens if you sit long enough. A man  passed  on his phone. ” No I am not at home this week. I am on holiday  , staying down in Whitstable ” was all I heard as he passed out of earshot. Then I was asked by a scruffy individual is there a toilet here. Yes at the end of the high street I told him. Oh by the big car park he said I know it. I thought if you know it why ask me?.

Then a slow walk to the bank sort that and continue on to the garage got there just on 10 am all done. i was  surprsed to find they had washed and waxed the car as part of the service.

I stripped Maves coffee machine and cleaned all the bits and put it all back together ready for her next  drink.

Later  this afternoon  we went for a ride to tankerton did a round walk and picked up  fresh fruit. back home again  . I feel a nap coming on.


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