A trip to the vets with louis. He has been scratching  for a bit now. But  vet said he has no fleas or tics. No  mites either. He is clean and healthy if a little overweight. It might be an allergy  so we got pills. He is also very loose. That he said is a dietry  thing. So we have to be firm with his eating regime. * years we haven’t managed it  so how in a few days he expects a turn round  is a miracle.

Been to  the garden centre  for a delivery of gravel to finish the side front garden maybe here today . No problems. Also  shopping  for groceries.

Ive been  playing with my voice call bluetooth again still  cant get it to work. I go through all the steps right up to  when it says number is stored. But when I  try to call the number all I get is Pardon 3 times then cancel and it shuts off. I get so  angry the names Ive called it are not repeatable. Ive trawled the net but no help there.I asked  in the garage on service yesterday but they were too busy to help. just call in anytime they said well I WAS CALLINHG IN WASNT I.

Watching Titchmarsh today Bonnie langford was talking about  her part in Cats. I remember  going to London to see the show. I say see because I didn’t see much. I was sat behind the biggest  bloke in the world. he must have been  almost 7 feet tall and over 25 stone. he filled 2 seats. He was taller than  me standing behind him sitting down. I tried sitting on the edge of  my seat in its up position which didn’t help and certainly not  people behind me. So  whilst Fuming I sat through what was to me little more than listening to an LP. AH! memories.

Its late now so I don’t think my  gravel is coming today.

Louis is not happy at not getting his fix of  chews. We,ve tried to  fob him off with  his new dry food. I put it in his mouth but  before I got my fingers back he spat it out in disgust.


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