Sun is out but we wont be finishing the garden today. We have a more inportant  duty to do. Its Tess`s Funeral today .

I ordered a belated Birthday present for Mavis recently. It was a bluetooth keyboard  for her nexus tablet. It arrived this morning. I must admit its a nice solid piece of kit.

She hates using the keypad on the screen so I thought she would like a  proper keyboard. So  I wait for her reaction. She tried it and said its better.

Mavis has been removing what she says was a tic from louis belly. He isnt scratching anymore so maybe she was right . As Usual lol . I am not feeling  sick today not like yesterday.

Just got home  . The past 5 hours spent at Tess  Funeral. What more can I say.

Drive home in the dark. have not driven inthe dark for about a year. Not looking fwd to  dark winter days. Grrr.


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