Marsden again today. After some frustrating  conditions on the M25  as usual  this morning. I was surprisingly Calm. getting used to stopping on  the UK largest car park. But we leave early  today I had to get petrol so we left before 6 am, but soon we were underway. We pulled into hospital car park at 8.20 Now the kids are back to school the last 8 miles or so  on A roads are solid. But  soon Mavis was seen to after a hic cup. The  nurse came into the waiting room and  called for Mavis  but we didnt understand what  he said and as another woman got up and went out with him we assumed it was her that was called. But  a while later  the nurse came in the waiting room again  and called for Mavis Nye. Mavis stood up and  the nurse said so you ar Mavis and the nurse with him said yes I recognize you. It seems the woman who went in  answered to  the name mavis nye and when spoken to responded as Mavis. It came to light when  further checks were made that  things didn’t  add up  and they realised she wasnt Mavis. All a bit Odd. She was in the next bed but didn’t talk to us all day she sat in bed watching TV with headphones on. Strange.

after bloods wer done we wait to  get results  . A good result then  generates  a visit from the Doctor. An examination and the usual questions out the way he said how pleased they were  with Mavis further shrinkage. It takes about 3 hours  from then to make up the drug. That finally  came up  from the lab about 2 pm .Then she gets plumbed in and 30 mins later  its done 15 mins for a final flush and we get to go home. traffic was fine till we hit the 249 then all stop for road repairs. But  we eventually get home sort louis and dinner. Now we can relax again untill  2 weeks time.

Its my turn tomorrow. an early appointment with my diabetic nurse then an appointment  with  the nurse for  blood tests as doctor wasn’t happy with  my earlier tests. So for today that’s me done.


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