First off a trip to the station to get  tickets. What  should have been a simple thing turned out to be not so. I asked for 2 tickets. Have you heard of the early  pre-booked tickets he asked me. No I said. He went on to explain it. He said I will give you a train  time. You  must be on that train or tickets will be invalid. There is no refund or alternative train. Thats not a lot of good to me I said I  want to go  out on the friday and return on  Sunday. I can do that but I must give you  the train to be on. If you  prefer  I can offer a more simpler  booking you  go out on the Friday and come back on Sunday on any time train you choose. Well that sounds better . Ah!  but that’s more expensive he said. Ok I said sod the expense just give me to  returns for  the Friday and Sunday. Ok. Would you like me to book seats.  Right If I say yes to book me a seat he will then have to know what train I am on or he will give me a train. And we are back to square one.

Am I missing something here or is it me? Anyway its done now I must put the tickets in a safe place as it was £186  of  tickets.

Next Off to B & Q for a steamer. But they didn’t have it. Off to Sainsburys for milk she came out with a trolly load of other stuff. Next  its a trip to sturry  to the range . They have the steamer she wanted.

Ive done my BP again today 128/77. how she got over 200 4 times yesterday I think her m/c is faulty.

Dinner is done  what now Oh yes I hear the music wafting past my  ears its Emmerdale. Looks like that bitch  will get whats coming to her. WTS.


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