We were scheduled to  go to Margate for Mavis to give a speech. But late yesterday the meeting was suspended TFN. Mavis got up early to check email for latest  info,but nothing came in. So  Guessing meeting cancelled. We don’t want  an hours drive to find no one there. So we went to the McMillan day at Brogdale.DSCF943A4 It worked like this you  ordered your breakfast from the normal menu. But instead of them charging you . You donated  to McMillan charity whatever you think. We had a tea and a coffee and a round of toast. Then we walked over to the butchers and returned to the  table and waited for the raffle to be  done. Mavis won a pair of gardening gloves. Then we mad our way home again.

On the way home a Van passed us and on the side in big red letters  MEARS. Thats a name from my past. About 67 years ago I used to  walk the 2 miles to my cousins home from there we would both walk the half mile to his friend’s house Trevor Mears. Where us kids would meet up bringing our little toy cars and play at the bottom of Trevor’s garden It was a large mound in which he had carved out roads and  stops. We would crawl all over the mound pushing our cars. Sometimes it was lead soldiers and play war games. We  would play in the 6 weeks holiday enjoying the sunshine. We all had fun and I never remember any trouble or fights. No drugs or fags or beer. I don’t think  this sort of things go on as much today. Just  a distant memory


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